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A 37 Frames Engagement Session is the perfect start to your Wedding Story. It’s all about falling in love a little bit more & taking time together, just the 2 of you. Casual, real & natural. Away from distractions, we schedule the session in a soul place or a meaningful location for you, with the timing based around the best light. It allows our couples to be all that more relaxed on the actual wedding day, to personally know your 37 Frames Team & especially get a sense of our style, professionalism and how the final product will be beautifully delivered.

Of course you’ll get exquisite photos too (perfect for sharing in the lead up to and at the wedding). It’s a time for us all to connect as a prelude to the big day, for you to be YOU. Leave everything up to us. Whatever the backdrop, we’ll plan the session with just you in mind, drenched in fashion flair, creativity and a mix of photojournalism and contemporary portraiture. It’s your life as art, it’s how it all starts… and 37 Frames would love nothing more than to start telling the story of the two of you. Relaxed Engagement Sessions start from 30 minutes and are included in our Master Photographer Collections complimentary.

inquiries: info@37frames.com.au